Website tools to save you time during the design process

February 21, 2023

Showit Tips

I have been a Showit white label designer for 6+ years and over the years I have come across some tools that I cannot live without.

Number 1. Showit. This platform is a completely customizable website platform with endless possibilities when it comes to creativity. It’s user-friendly and it is 100% mobile optimized.

Number 2. Transfonter. This platform allows you to convert any of your favorite fonts into web fonts to use on your website. *Must have proper licensing from font creator.

Number 3. Convert Case. This one is huge!!!! Have you ever copy and pasted text from a copy doc and the casing is off? In this site you just have to paste that text and then select the correct casing style, and it changes it for you in just a second. No need to retype everything in the correct case.

Number 4. EZ GIF. This site makes converting regular videos into GIFs in no time. This allows movement within your website for that unique approach.

Number 5. Loom. With every client, I record training videos. Loom is my go to for those videos. It integrates right into my browser and allows me to screen record everything.

What are some of your favorite design tools? Comment below.