An overview of the latest Showit design features

June 27, 2023

Showit Tips

I am so excited to share some of the latest Showit design features they launched!!

The first design featured I am super pumped about is the publish vs. unpublished pages. This is great if you have a new page you are working on and are not ready to have it published live yet.

The second feature is the new layout of the Canvas Views. This layout makes so much more sense from a user standpoint. If you are on static pages selection for your canvas it will show one view at a time BUT if you are on the blog and have it set to In Post Loop or Post View Lookup it will show all canvas views layout!!! This is a game changer in the design aspect of viewing all canvases and not having to drag and drop things around all the time.

The last feature is the updated design settings. This new setup is great at showcasing what your fonts will look like laid out onto a page and makes it way easier for updating and changing texts within a design style.

As always, I am continually blown away by Showit and it’s capabilities with design. I have been with this platform since 2013 when they were on a desktop design app, and it’s truly been amazing to see this platform grow into what it is today.