Knocking Down Goals | Arizona Wedding and Portrait Photographer

June 27, 2018


Happy Wednesday!!!

Back in 2017, I wrote a blog on goals. You can find that here. Well, today I want to check in and be completely honest at how achieving those goals has gone. Let us just say it hasn’t gone anywhere. BUT I believe that giving grace when it’s needed is extremely important. Over the last year, I became a mom, graduated with my Bachelor’s, moved across the country and still managed to stay somewhat sane. So what exactly did I accomplish?

Nothing really on the biz side of things. Raising Bear really made me take a step back to evaluate what I needed to do in business to be a better business owner and mom. So today I am writing out my goals for business this year. We have a little under six months left of 2018 and I want to knock a goal out each month. BUT I am in need of an accountability partner. SOO I am accepting all applications for that. Just email me and share with me how you can kick my butt and hold me accountable for these goals. <3

  • Start monthly webinars on photography + branding.
  • Streamline my editing workflow.
  • Streamline my bookkeeping.
  • Take 2 housekeeping days every month.
  • Get out and meet + support new business owners in my community.


I think that is a good list to get started with. 🙂 I would love some tips on how to get going so please feel free to comment below with your wisdom.

Sunset brock environmental center engagement brandilynn aines

(cute pic of Ashley and A from their anniversary session at The Brock Environmental Center in Virginia Beach)

Now when it comes to personal goals. I soared at those. Let’s be honest I really did not spend much time behind my desk over the last 9 months since Bear’s arrival. I have been present in his life and active in family gatherings. Which is exactly what I wanted. However, I do need to work on balancing those active moments while still kicking ass in the office. So here are some personal goals that I hope to achieve, again no pressure. GRACE. Upon GRACE.

  • Work out 3-4 days a week.
  • Get dressed every morning for “work.”
  • Take Bear to weekly or monthly play dates with other babes.
  • Have a self-care day with no baby attached to me. (Bear goes with a babysitter or with Spencer)
  • Have a regularly scheduled date night. It can be in the home after Bear is asleep or out in public.


&& I for sure need some help in this area. haha I need some awesome workouts that I can do at home, need some momma friends so Bear can make friends, and I would love some date night ideas that are low cost. So fire away with your comments, please.

I plan on checking in every month on the progress of these goals. So next time you will hear from me about goals is at the end of July. Cheers to kicking ass as a mom and a boss lady.