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April 27, 2017


Today I am coming to you with a new blogging calendar with some personal posts. I have been writing out personal blog topics for a while now and I just now decided that I wanted to share them. This blog is not just for my couples but it’s also for the fellow business owners I get to connect with day in and day out. I love being able to speak and reach others through my stories of struggle and triumph. You are not alone and I want you to know that. So with that said today marks this personal journey of sharing my heart.

The journey to happiness is loving yourself and others. 

Self-love. Why is this so important to us gals? Being a woman is one of the greatest gifts we have been given on this earth. We are strong and courageous human beings. We should be using those powers to lift others up, instead when we aren’t loving ourselves or are feeling down about something we usually can find ourselves tearing down other women instead of lifting them up. Jealousy and comparison are some of the toughest obstacles we face being a woman. This leads to battles with depression, low self-esteem and not knowing our worth. So the question is how can we love ourselves more and why is self-love so important? There are so many ways we can love ourselves. The saying “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe” well that is so true. We must show confidence, attractiveness (and not just physically, this can be intellectually as well) and an inspiration to others. This vibe that we carry daily is a straight line to other women we surround ourselves with. We all want to feel confident, attractive, and we all want to lift up other women. Why? Because we are all in this together.

Here are some easy things we can all do to help improve our own self-love as well as loving on other women in our communities. We all should go try that weekly yoga class that we’ve have been dying to go to but just can’t seem to make the time for it, or join that local run or neighborhood workout club. They say exercise releases special endorphins that allow us to feel more confident and also allows us to have a better outlook on life. Even if you can only make that once a week yoga class, it’s better than none. Try bringing a girlfriend with you to help boost her self-love too.

One of my personal favorites. Taking that occasionally girls trip or having a girls night. Whether you’re twenty-one or thirty-five, you owe it to yourself. Pick somewhere fun and relaxing or even a cool day adventure. Making time for friends and building relationships with others is key to self-love. There are plenty of day trips when the budget is tight. Beach trips, window shopping or even a small picnic in the park. While staying at home and reading and relaxing is nice, we need to make sure we get out and enjoy some of that Vitamin D. There is no better medicine than being with some good girlfriends laughing and talking about the future.

Lastly, try something new. Whether you’re a reader, runner or adventure seeker. Try dipping your toes into something you have never done before or something you may have an interest in but haven’t had the chance to make it happen. Doing things for yourself is 100% okay. Alone time is a necessity also. We need to remember that. We as women tend to have that nurturing aspect about us, we constantly are worrying about other friends who may be going through something. However, we often forget number one. US. So be sure to make that time for something you have been dying to do. Bring friends or do it alone. When you take care of yourself your better able to help take care of others.

At the end of the day make sure you remember to love yourself because girl you are worth it. We are all queens in this world and we should all be queens together.