A Photographer’s Manifesto | Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer, Brandilynn Aines

March 22, 2017



I believe love is an action step. It’s so much more than just a word. Marriage is a series of those action steps that begin after “I do.”

I believe there is a brilliant and brave madness inside all of us. There’s a depth and a beauty beyond words. I believe photographs fill in the gaps for where words aren’t strong enough to describe the love between two people.

I believe in crafting a love story with my lens. You and your family are creating a legacy that can never be matched, never be duplicated, and never be taken out of the history books.

I believe you write your own chapters. You add. You let go. You say “yes” to the adventure. You create the dialogue. You live it all louder than the page that came before it.

I believe we can always do better. We can always love harder. We can always speak softer. We can always move closer to one another. It matters that we do all of these things.

I believe we are here on purpose– this beautiful mess called “life” has the power to be interesting, bold and one-of-a-kind. We must show up and we must invest our hearts in the things that matter most.

I am Brandilynn and I am a wedding photographer.