Bali Part One | Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer, Brandilynn Aines

March 21, 2017


This post is LONG overdue. So this past fall I got to travel all the way to Bali, Indonesia with a 24-hour layover in Guangzhou, China. Let’s just say this trip was fantastic and I am so glad that Spencer got to join me on the other side of the world. It seriously was a trip of a lifetime!!! You see most people don’t know this, but I am part Indonesian, so getting to head back to where it all started for my dad’s side of the family was pretty darn cool. I always thought about traveling somewhere far like this before, but I always imagined a high dollar price. Well, price shopping and going out of tourist season is the way to save money. Plus it was surf season, so Spencer was thrilled for that. I can go on and on about the cool things we did and the awesome people we met, but I should probably just let the pictures show you. 🙂 I’ll add little tidbits by some of the awesome things and places we were 🙂 Also side note most of these shots were with the GoPro, so please excuse the poor image quality. While yes I am a photographer I didn’t want to be behind my camera the entire time and the GoPro was the fastest and smallest thing to carry around for photos and video. 

*We also took a lot of video coverage and are currently working on our travel film from the trip. I cannot wait to share the finished product. Enjoy!!