Memorial Day Remembrance // We love you John

May 30, 2016



Dear John, 

I cannot believe we are almost on year 4 since we said see ya later. It still seems like yesterday. Seasons have come and gone. We continue to grow and learn. They say time heals all grief and wounds but I don’t think we will ever be fully “healed”. Let me tell you about that awesome little brother you gave me. I see so much of you in JP, he is doing so good with sports and school! I just know you would be so proud of the man he is becoming. That kid is so smart and he’s truly a good kid!! I am so lucky to call him my little big brother and I am forever grateful you and mom gave me the chance to be his big sister. We miss you everyday, more than words or actions can describe. 

I think we have come to a point of acceptance that we don’t get to see you, hear your voice or hug you. I know that you are always watching over us and cheering us on from the gates of heaven. I know you are celebrating and rejoicing with Jesus and all your brothers and sisters up there. That makes me smile knowing your no longer suffering down here in this world. You left a piece of your heart with all of us here. Life has gone on but your always with us. 

The day we meet again at the gates of heaven will be a glorious day! Until then we love you and keep on shining so bright up there <3



Thank you to all my fans and followers for all the support in this little business. A couple years ago we made the decision to give back to a couple of organizations in honor of John. If you want to make a difference this Memorial Day weekend feel free to leave a donation in honor of someone who lost their life in the line of service. Find an organization that resonates with you and donate in their name. If you would like to leave a donation in honor of John, we ask that you donate to the EOD Warrior Foundation or Stop Soldier Suicide. If you would like to visit John’s Memorial Page as well you can find that on Facebook. Thank you!