Being your own original | Personal

April 21, 2016


Originality in Raw Form.

YOU ARE ENOUGH. It’s those three words that we need to hear, speak and breathe. In a world where social media shows one side to everyone’s story we forget that WE ARE ENOUGH. Whether your a mom, wife, business owner, mid-twenties or a senior in high school; you are enough. I think that sometimes as we go about our daily duties and see the good life splattered across social media, we forget.

We forget that everything we do in the good, the messy and the down right mundane is who we are and that who we are is enough.

I want to share a story of a girl who lost her way, that girl is was me.

It’s a never ending battle of knowing that I AM ENOUGH. From the lows of depression to the highs of life exhilaration’s. I wake up daily and remind myself that there is no one better to be than myself. You see a couple years back I thought I knew who I was; I found myself trying to curate a “cool” online version of me. I was lost. I did myself a disservice in life, it left me in a world of loneliness; a girl who had so much but yet had so little. What was pretty on the outside was not so pretty on the inside. I was a mess. A complete and total mess. Sometimes I still think I am a mess, but maybe that is just the original raw part of who I am and I am okay with that. Life was not perfect, heck it still isn’t. I thought I was doing all this to claim success and to prove people wrong. In the end it left me broken and unfulfilled.

The three words I speak of today showed up in a Pinterest feed (social media, go figure! ha) they came at the right moment, it was like God was telling me here you go! Just let go and trust me, you are my daughter and I love you and to me you are enough. Over and over those words popped into my mind, I had the tools but now it was all about how was I going to use them. I used those words in my business and in my life. I used those words to change and show my original raw self to the world. I most importantly became free, I was me for once. Not some made up crappy version of me.

How did I start to make a change in who I am as a person and business owner? I worked hard on being a better person. I am still working on that daily. BUT God’s grace is overflowing abundantly and I am so gracious for it! I literally trashed my old website in like a matter of minutes for my business (not really but you know what I mean.), I took those words and completely breathed life into my new online presence. Now I have a online home where couples can see my passion for marriage and love. I want people to know that no matter where you are in life you are worth loving. You are enough!

I feel more myself today than any previous days and I am not scared to be myself. I know as long as I am here on earth I will struggle with with this feeling of not being enough. It will be a battle that I face in friendships, marriage, parenthood and in the creative business industry. I do know now that I have the tools to overcome this feeling and I have one hell of a cheerleader by my side forever!! I know that God gives grace abundantly and that he sent his one and only son to die for me so that I may live in freedom in him.

Here is my encouragement for you, YOU ARE ENOUGH! Don’t think anything less. Write it down a million times if you have to, share it with as many other humans as you possibly can! You will never know how those three little words can change someones life, even your life.

Cheers to being your original raw self even when it’s messy.

Here is a pretty picture just because <3